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About Us

It's more than just a sport. It's a lifstyle.

We never shy away from the fact we love our community. For 25 years and counting, our mission has not deviated from getting more of El Paso on bikes. Whatever your goal - to get faster, make friends, get healthier - we work hard day in day out to pave the way for you to get out and crush it on two wheels. Not only does our shop provide a landing spot for you to get the latest gear, connect with fellow like minded bike enthusiasts, but also lends a hand in co-leadership with local organizations and governments to make El Paso better for cycling, better for all to enjoy by bike.

Why Shop With Us?

From professional bike repair and fitting services to top cycling products at exceptional prices, we've got you covered.

Quality & Value Just For You

We sell products from the best bicycle brands in the world. We offer great value to our customers through competitive pricing, quality products, and superior customer service.

Friendly & Knowledgable Staff

Collectively our staff has been active in the El Paso cycling community for over 25 years now. We listen to your needs and work hard to help you find precisely the right products for you.

Joining You For The Ride

Finding the perfect bike and cycling gear is easy when you shop with us. We consult you every step of the way. Even go along on your ride to ensure you are 100% satisfied with your gear choices and fit!

Your Source For All Things Cycling

Dedicated to making the community of El Paso safer for both cyclists and pedestrians, Crazy Cat Cyclery proudly stands behind VELOPASO in an on-going campaign to bring awareness and education to our community. We encourage all cyclists and residents of El Paso County to reach out to their state and federal representatives and demand an infrastructure that is safe for all citizens. We would also like to ask all cyclists to support the following advocacy groups with your time, financial support, and membership.


The mission of Velo Paso Bicycle-Pedestrian Coalition is to make bicycling and walking safe and accessible for everyone in the Paso del Norte region through education and outreach. Brought together by 2013 El Paso Bike Month, we are a group of avid cyclists from across the Paso del Norte region who want to improve conditions for bicyclists and pedestrians in our community. Though we come from many different fields and occupations, we share one thing in common: a desire to give a voice to the voiceless and to create alternative transportation options that will make our region the envy of the world. We are Velo Paso