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Crazy Cat Cyclery

Bike Service Clinic No. 1

Bike Service Clinic No. 1

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We are launching our first bike service class. The class is beginner level to intermediate for those who want to start getting their hands dirty and have a try at basic maintenance. This class will be in person and you will have the ability to practice on your own bike as it is BYOB. Our goal is to provide the highest quality information and hands on training. For this reason, the class will be limited to ONLY 15 PARTICIPANTS. So don't procrastinate and sign up before it fills up!

What will you learn: 

Station #1 :

Hands On Bike Wash

  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Bike) 
  • How to wash your bike and what parts to lube 

Station #2 :


  • How to extend your bikes durability
  • Proper parts lubrication technique
  • What is the recommended air pressure
  • Know when its time for a full service
  • How often should you replenish tire sealant
  • How to measure chain wear & when to replace
  • Questions you need to ask your mechanic

Station #3 :

Bike Fit

  • The basic bike position adjustments
  • How to find your proper riding position

What else is included?

Bonus Package & Discounts:

  • Package with tools and bike care products included for all participants
  • 10% Discount on every purchase made the day of the. (Bikes excluded) 
  • Super delicious COFFEE & SNACKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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