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Basic Bike Maintenance

If you have ever wondered about the basics of bicycle maintenance, now is your chance to learn. Keep your bike in shape between tunes and extend the life of your drive-train. Check out the video below.

Women's Triathlon Wear

Who said you couldn’t look good while doing it?

Wake up, fuel, train, sleep and repeat. This cycle can go on for months at at time as athletes prepare for the strain that can come on race day. But beyond the obvious physical demands of what any race will demand from the body, is the mental strength that comes from knowing you can do what you set out to do. The culmination of so much hard work all boiled down to a few mere moments in a day. Nerve wrecking, exciting, dare we say it….even FUN?! Well we certainly think so!!! Or else, why do it? Because we can, that’s why!

So your physically ready to hit the streets. What exactly does that mean for race day…besides being physically fit, the uniform of a triathlete can help make or break an event.
For long-time athletes, and newbies alike, the same questions ultimately must be answered. What will I wear? Is it comfortable, practical and well suited for my event? Will I feel confident in it? Will it keep me cool or warm enough? Dry fast enough? And the I look good in it? All of these are valid questions to ask yourself, and for each individual the answer is different. The important thing is to answer those questions for yourself, and remember most importantly that at the end of the day you really are doing it for you. Otherwise why wake up an hour earlier every day for training, tolerate those uncomfortable weather conditions (whether in crazy heat or bitter cold), push that much harder those last 10 mins, cut those bad (but oh so sinfully delicious) eating habits, and sleep that extra hour on your day off because your body just needs it? No matter what, the answer should ultimately always be to do it for you.

Watch our women’s “What To Wear” video, and learn the basic do’s and don’ts of “tri-wear.”

“All glory comes from daring to begin…”
-Eugene F. Ware

How To Change A Flat

From the nervous novice to the seasoned pro, all cyclists experience the inevitable; the annoying flat. Although minimally disruptive, these nuisances can become increasingly frustrating if you do not have the tools or know how to fix them. Ranking amongst the most common of bike repairs, this video will quickly walk you through the necessary series of steps to get you back on the road, riding with greater confidence.